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Call Now For Free Estimate: 914-888-9000

A popular home roofing option is hot roofing. Hot roofs have a number of advantages that many homeowners like to have at their disposal. Since Cross Construction Co. Roofing & General Contractors are your New York roofing experts, we have the knowledge and experience to properly install or upgrade your roofing to a hot roof. Nobody knows roofing like we do. We employ the most talented and qualified roofing technicians in the New York area. Our service is always timely and efficient and we offer free consultation so that we can fully explore your roofing options. Whether we are retrofitting your current roofing system, upgrading an old roofing system or contributing to a new construction, your roof is in good hands with Cross Construction Co. Roofing & General Contractors. We are New York’s top resource for hot roofs.

One of the biggest advantages to a hot roof is that it extends your home’s thermal envelope to include your attic space. This is important because sometimes vital equipment is located in your attic. There may be duct work or water pipes that run through the area, and if it is un-conditioned problems can occur. Chief among them is higher energy costs from your HVAC system having to work extra hard to heat the cooled air from the cooled ducts. Also, in extreme cold water can freeze if the pipes run through a cold attic. Another advantage to having your attic space be included in your home’s conditioning is increased comfort. Temperature and pressure fluctuations in the attic can cause unwanted airflow throughout the rest of the house. Lastly, conditioning your attic allows you to use it as added living space.

You can convert it into a bedroom, or conditioned storage room, or whatever your needs require. Cross Construction Co. Roofing & General Contractors can also help you with this conversion. The hot roofing process is a simple one. It doesn’t require much of a different process than any conventional roofing, with only one difference. When creating a hot roof, the underside of your roofing is sprayed with foam insulation. The reason this simple process is so effective is because spray foam insulation is twice as powerful as fiberglass insulation. That means your roofing will have double the insulation, in terms of insulating ability, of the rest of your home.

Our New York Hot Roof Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Hot Roof Retrofitting
  • Hot Roof Installation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Attic Insulation

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